Organisation, ledelse og strategi, Forretningsudvikling, Innovation

Managing Open Innovation


This course provides the foundation for managing open innovation processes in firms. Comparing closed to open innovation approaches, the course focuses on outside-in open innovation processes, i.e. sourcing external knowledge from and collaborating with users, universities, suppliers, competitors, and the like for generating innovation. Moreover, the course discusses the interplay between innovation, exploration, exploitation, and search, and the growing importance of efficient search approaches across widely distributed sources of innovation. More specifically, we will discuss the concepts of local vs. distant search and related search methods for accessing and leveraging innovation-relevant knowledge.

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Spring 2021:
15th, 16th, 17th March & 13th April

Det praktiske

  • Kursusudbyder: Copenhagen Business School, MBD
  • ECTS-point: 5
  • Undervisningssprog: Engelsk
  • Udbudt til: Forår/Efterår
  • Tilmeldingsfrist: 3. februar 2021
  • Kursets uddannelsesniveau: Masterniveau