Financial competency and consultancy

Courses in the fields of financing and consultancy give you the tools you need to ensure the quality of your everyday work and prepare you to cope with the financial requirements of the future.

Advanced Empirical Finance: Topics and Data Science - Øko

This course considers challenges in the empirical analysis of a range of topics in advanced finance. The course relates to the finance course on “Corporate Finance and Incentives”, the volatility …

Behavioral Finance - ØKO

Traditional economic theory assumes that economic agents are fully rational with unlimited cognitive abilities and willpower. However, individuals frequently and systematically make decisions in contradiction with these standard presumptions. Against …

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Financial specialisation, Cooperation and relations

Behavioural Finance

Business Finance

Den finansielle værktøjskasse Kurset henvender sig til alle, der ønsker at forstå det finansielle område. Du får praktisk kendskab til de grundlæggende finansielle begreber, du møder i din kontakt med …

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Data Science and Big Data, Financial specialisation

Computational Finance - MATH

The course gives the student a thorough introduction to computational finance. We will cover some of the following subjects: - Rudimentary low-level programming. - Data and computational resources at Copenhagen …

Corporate Finance Theory - Øko

Corporate Finance Theory builds on the investigation into firm capital structure from the third-year course Corporate Finance and Incentives. We take for granted that course participants have already received a …

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Data Science and Big Data, Financial specialisation

Data-Driven Financial Models - DIKU

The course gives the student a thorough introduction to financial theory, financial markets and products. Besides theory, students will be introduced to practical problems faced by Financial Engineers through a …

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The financial sector, Digital transformation

Digitalization of Finance

Digitalization of Finance: Digital technologies are fundamentally transforming the ways in which organizations create value from business activities, processes, products, and services. The financial sector is no exception. This module …

Foundations of Behavioral Economics - ØKO

In this course, we will discuss the psychological foundations of human behavior and their economic implications. The course builds on the introductory course “Psychology of Choice” and lays the foundations …

International finance

Financial specialisation

Practical Financial Optimization - MATH

Competencies The course gives an introduction to the domain of practical financial risk and portfolio management. Participants will work with problem areas that can be attacked using optimization models. Skills …

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The financial sector, Business development

Risk Management and Compliance

This course gives an overview over the technological changes driven by data, an introduction into the empirical models so that course theme participants can confidently oversee and discuss the work …

Science and Behavior Change - Samf

Over the last 30 years, behavioral scientists have gained a deeper understanding of what motivates people, how they process information, and what non-economic features of the choice environment influence decisions. …


Sustainable Supply Chains and Circular Economy

The course offers the students knowledge about theories and concepts underlying the circular economy and present current and past developments of the area. It will enable them to assess and …