Courses for companies

In the financial sector, your company can apply for support for one course in cooperation with external lecturers.

Due to significant pressure on the funds in Finanskompetencepuljen, the board has decided to introduce some financial restrictions on the previous allocation of funds from the pool. This means that as of June 25, 2024, it will no longer be possible to apply for or have company courses approved. This will be in effect until the end of 2024.

The process is that easy

  1. Check out the course

    Explore Finanskompetencepuljen’s numerous options and find your company course.

  2. In dialog with the union representative

    In dialogue with the head of the local branch. Enter into a dialogue with the union representative about the company course concerning its value for your company.

  3. Contact the course provider.

    Contact the course provider and see if there is an option to book a company course just for your company. If a company course is possible, you must ask the course provider for a budget and include it in the application.

  4. Apply for a company course.

    Apply for a company course via Finanskompetencepuljen. Remember to include the budget and specify the number of participants.

  5. We will contact you

    You will be contacted by Finanskompetencepuljen with a response to your application and relevant practical information.

Useful information

  • Who can apply

    Everyone employed in a company that is subject to a collective agreement between Financial Services Union Denmark and FA can use Finanskompetencepuljen

  • What can I apply?

    You can apply for any of the courses covered by Finanskompetencepuljen. However, the course provider will determine if you are accepted.

  • What does Finanskompetencepuljen cover?

    Finanskompetencepuljen covers the costs of the actual course as well as the materials, e.g. books

  • How often may I apply?

    You may apply for up to two courses a year, but not for more than 15 ECTS credits in one year. The period starts from the date of your first application.

How do I get started?