Visual Thinking

Purpose of the project

With the project, VP Securities A/S wants to develop employees’ ability to describe and visualise solutions. Visualisation is a useful tool, especially for employees who work with presentation and communication, but it can also be useful to other groups of employees. The project comprises 12 employees from various departments where presentation and communication are primary parameters.

Which skill-sets are acquired by the individual employee and organisation?

The project offers employees experience with writing and drawing on whiteboards. This ability can be used effectively in meetings with customers and presentation of projects.

Visualisation reduces the chances of misunderstandings and gives the individual employee more personal impact. Visualisation is also useful for bridging the gap between IT and business.

Challenge: why is the project necessary?

Most communication and documentation in Denmark today is done in writing. Many people find it challenging to communicate knowledge visually, despite visualisation being an effective and easily understandable way of communicating knowledge. One company worked on visualising employees’ ideas. Visualisation increases employees’ personal impact and unifies IT and business.