Personal development with a focus on balanced performance

Purpose of the project

With the project, Nykredit Bank wants to strengthen employees’ self-awareness and insight into their development areas. The target group is a select group of talented young employees who have all demonstrated good results and the potential to develop themselves - and thus having a stronger position over time. The project includes 15 employees from throughout the Nykredit Group.

Which skill-sets are acquired by the individual employee and organisation?

To ensure a solid foundation for personal insight, the project starts with both the participants and their managers taking a Hogan assessment. (A Hogan assessment is a personality test primarily for executives, managers and specialists). The test focuses on how to achieve results and is also an evaluation of judgment and leadership power, which means that the test provides input on how others perceive the tested person in a work context). This gives the participants and their managers a common conceptual apparatus as a basis for the rest of the course. More specifically, both the participants and their managers become aware of how they are likely perceived in a work context. They will gain insight into their strengths and challenges – and insight into what their particular areas for development evidently are. The participants will also get a theoretical foundation that is not job-specific and can thus be used for any job the participants have.

Challenge: why is the project necessary?

The participants are prepared to be able to balance their performance over time and to achieve a positive and stimulating work life without risking burning out. The participants will also be able to engage in excellent team relationships and enhance their sense of team dynamics and how to handle pressure, which will empower them in their future work life.