The Good Life

Purpose of the project

With their project “The Good Life”, Lån & Spar wants to help support and develop their employees’ ability to take responsibility for their own lives - and thus be able to make qualified choices and decisions. The project will also develop employees’ mindset with regard to taking responsibility for their own career, skills development and especially motivation in order to remain employable throughout their working life. The project includes 20 of the bank’s employees.

Which skill-sets are acquired by the individual employee and organisation?

The main purpose of the project is to add skills to Lån & Spar’s employees so they are able to handle the changes of daily working life. Through the course, the employees acquire knowledge about stress, dissatisfaction, core values and opportunities for action. By participating in the project, the individual employees gain greater insight into themselves and knowledge of positive psychology and work psychology to be able to act in a changeable work environment – to the benefit of both the company and the employee.

Challenge: why is the project necessary?

The labour market has changed. Today, there are shorter periods of employment and greater flexibility. This development requires employees to focus on balancing private life and work life, being aware of their own strengths and weaknesses, and being able to set limits so that as a human being they can keep performing their entire lives.