Organisation, ledelse og strategi, Finansiering og rådgivning

Management Control and Financing of Innovation


The objective of this course is to conceptualize the dilemma of control and financing of innovative firms, analyze the relevant control and financing mechanisms and discuss how control systems may be used in a way that increases rather than destroys firm value.

The course will help students understand dilemmas of control and financing of innovation as well as the techniques through which innovation is financed and controlled, i.e., it deals with control and financing of innovative firms’ activities.

As innovative activities increase in importance for firms’ competitiveness, the need for control of innovative activities becomes more important. Controlling and financing innovation however is not unproblematic as innovative activities are more uncertain compared to other activities. Control and financing of innovation may therefore produce dysfunctions and unintended effects. Despite these potential problems many firms increasingly make innovation activities subject to cost and performance control. With respect to tools and problems, the course will focus on target costing

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Det praktiske

  • Kursusudbyder: Copenhagen Business School, HD
  • ECTS-point: 5
  • Undervisningssprog: Engelsk
  • Udbudt til: Forår
  • Tilmeldingsfrist: 19. april 2019
  • Kursets uddannelsesniveau: Diplomniveau