IT, Samfund, Organisation, ledelse og strategi, Globalisering, Forretningsudvikling

Service Economics


The goal of the course is to make students able to navigate and become active participants in the changing and increasingly complex service economy.

After the course, the student should be able to:
•Reflect on the relationship between fading enterprises boundaries, globalization, offshoring, knowledge management, as well as spatial and relational distance and apply it in the context of services creation, provision, and management in a service economy.
•Describe and discuss your personal role as part of modern workforce and accompanying chances and risks in a globalised service economy.
•Elaborate on the importance of social skills, cultural intelligence, and mindfulness in modern IT-based service economies.
•Analyze, compare and interpret critically information systems literature on services and apply theories and methods to information systems projects in a service economy.
•Characterize the different approaches to implementing a successful IT project, to managing a successful near- or offshore IT development project, and to creating innovative services.

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Det praktiske

  • Kursusudbyder: IT-Universitetet
  • ECTS-point: 7,5
  • Undervisningssprog: Engelsk
  • Udbudt til: Forår
  • Tilmeldingsfrist: 21. december 2020
  • Kursets uddannelsesniveau: Kandidatniveau