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Foundations of Computing - Discrete Mathematics BSc


Discrete Mathematics covers different topics in mathematics, which support many disciplines in software development. The goal of this course is to give the students the ability to apply formal reasoning. The first part of the course is dedicated to learning how to construct logical proofs, proofs on set theory and proofs by induction, while the second half of the course builds upon the first part to cover number-theoretical concepts, graphs, combinatorics, discrete probabilities, and models of computation. The student will obtain the fundamental skill of computational thinking and will be better equipped to tackle technical subjects throughout the curriculum. The course is an introduction to discrete mathematics as a foundation to work within the fields of computer science, information technologies, and software development. The course develops the necessary terminology and conceptual tools needed for later courses.

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  • Kursusudbyder: IT-Universitetet
  • Undervisningssprog: Engelsk