Organisation, ledelse og strategi, Digital transformation, Ledelse

Organizing for Digitalization


In this course we will discuss the necessary digital capabilities that organizations must have. Crucially, however, a digital workplace is unlikely to be fully virtual – we thus also consider how hybrid digital-physical spaces will be key in the future. The workforce is the second critical element of a digital workplace. We will look at what makes the digitally savvy workforce tick and how the workforce of the future is changing with automation and algorithms.

In this course, the student will learn:
- To identify and assess the digital capabilities that organizations need to support the digital workplace of the future
- To identify and assess the different types of workforce needed in the digital workplace
- To identify and assess best-fitting new ways of working and leadership styles, given a certain technological and physical environment and workforce characteristics
-To identify and assess opportunities for broader digital business transformations enabled by the digital workplace
-To use academic research as inspiration for both tactical and strategic decisions.

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Det praktiske

  • Kursusudbyder: Copenhagen Business School, MBD
  • Undervisningssprog: Engelsk