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Danish Online Course


This course offer an intensive and highly effective online Danish course with blended learning. By combining the flexibility of online instruction with the learning results of traditional instruction, you will quickly improve your Danish skills.

We offer online courses at all levels, from beginner to advanced. With an intensive online Danish course, you get:
- A flexible solution, enabling you to combine you Danish studies with a busy and changing work life.
- Competent and focused instruction from an experienced Danish teacher.
- An intensive online course that employs blended learning to ensure your rapid progress.

This online course is for those who cannot attend classes in person every week. Perhaps you travel frequently or have changing working hours. At the same time, you are highly motivated to learn Danish and can study independently and with discipline. You must be prepared to spend 7 to 10 hours per week on self-studies.

The tempo is high and you will practice all aspects of leaning a foreign language:
- speaking
- listening
- reading and writing.

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Det praktiske

  • Kursusudbyder: Københavns Sprogcenter
  • Undervisningssprog: Engelsk